• Why Disability Ministry?


     This 2-minute video from Joni & Friends highlights the high-level purpose and importance of Disability Ministries in our churches and broader communities.

    It serves as a great refresher for church leaders, special needs ministry leaders and their volunteers.

    Since 1979, Joni &Friends has been advancing disability ministry and changing the church and communities around the world. 

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    Community Service & Awareness Initiatives 


     At Special Life Network

    Every Life is Special!®

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    Every Life is Special!®

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Special Life Network Participated in the Fourth of July Parade!

IMG 6985 singing cropped HD

Families came out and joined Special Life Network as we sang the newly written song Walk, Run and Roll from our patriotic float in this year's South County Fourth of July Parade, held in The Woodlands, Texas.


This year's South County Fourth of July Parade theme was "American Heroes."  SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK emphasized being a hero by including everyone because Every Life is Special ®. That's what happened when the SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK Fourth of July Parade float integrated families together for a fun morning being a part of the parade and celebrating the Fourth of July!

Plans began weeks in advance as we developed ideas for our patriotic float. We wanted to have music with our float that would fit the parade theme and share our message. Thanks to Ryan Sikora, who wrote new lyrics to the 1950s song Shake, Rattle and Roll, retitled Walk, Run and Roll, our message rang out! Heath and Ann Marrow helped us by singing and making a recording of our new song.

We decorated the frame of our sixteen-foot flatbed parade float, complete with blue skirting and bunting as well as a PVC frame for our banners and patriotic windsocks. Final decorations were added the morning of the parade, where everyone helped in a patriotic spirit. Before long, the float was adorned with red, white, and blue pinwheel flowers, inflatable stars, and crepe paper.


We had twenty people who came out to help us "Walk, Run and Roll" that day. Some chose to walk next to the float carrying, themed signs that emphasised "Every Life is Special ®" and the importance of adapting so "Everyone can Participate." Others ran into the crowd, passing out fliers to let people know about our second annual Walk, Run and Roll coming up September 26th. Those that rolled along on the float passed around a microphone as we all sang the lyrics to Walk, Run, and Roll. The lively and upbeat song is about adapting to the needs of others to allow everyone to be included. You can hear this brand new song at the Walk, Run, and Roll event on September 26th. For more information on the Walk, Run, and Roll, view the short video. Be sure to register early!

About Special Life

  • 12 Years Impacting Lives

     How are the mission and goals of Special Life Network implemented?

    Special Life Network is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) public charity founded and established in The Woodlands. We are governed by a board of directors that have other professional jobs, but are actively involved in the organization, heading up various leadership teams and projects. At Special Life Network, we believe “Every Life is Special®.” This is a message for the heart. To accomplish our purpose of facilitating integration opportunities for individuals with special needs, we incorporate three core strategies;  increasing awareness, providing education and training, and networking resources. In this way, we support needed changes and adaptions, so all can be included and supporting that Every Life is Special!

    Through SPECIAL LIFE® Fun Family Events and Activities, we directly serve special needs individuals and their families and help connect families with each other and with adaptive programs in churches and the broader community. (Examples of these include our SPECIAL LIFE® Fun Family Bowling, Family Skate Nights - wheelchairs included, and Holiday Craft Making, organized groups to attend area events, and we have partnered with area churches and organizations to do combined events such as the teen and adult program, “VBS for VIP’s.”)


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  • Fast Facts

    SPECIAL LIFE® Fast Facts

    12 Years Celebrating Every Life is Special!®

      1. What is SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK?
    • A Christian-led 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.
    • Incorporated in April 2005. Founded and headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas.
    • A 100% volunteer organization led by parents, professionals, volunteers and church leaders.
    • As a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, we serve the "entire community" with no exclusions.

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  • Vision and Mission

    sln heart stamp  SPECIAL LIFE® Vision and Mission

    At SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK, we seek to enrich the life of individuals with disabilities and the families that support them by improving the integration with their local church and broader community. 


    • Create a global network of SPECIAL LIFE® communities that are rich in awareness, integration and spiritual growth for children, teens and adults with special needs, and for the families that support them ... Special Needs Families


    • Create, within local communities, a resource network of churches, businesses and other community organizations that provide support, encouragement, education, spiritual growth and meaningful integration opportunities for children and adults with special needs and their families.

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  • Goals & Purpose

    sln heart stamp  10 Years Celebrating Every Life is Special!®

    What is the purpose of Special Life Network?

    The purpose of Special Life Network is to facilitate the integration of children, teens and adults with disabilities into the broader community. We do this by implementing a simple 4 point strategy.

    •1.    Increase Awareness

    •2.    Network Community Knowledge, People and Resources

    •3.    Provide Education and Training

    •4.    Transform Lives

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  • Why We Care


    sln heart stamp SPECIAL LIFE® Awareness

    Disabilities reach far beyond the physical realm of an individual and have emotional, financial, social, and spiritual impact on families, caregivers, communities, and society as a whole. 

    Impact on Families

    • 90% of families that care for a family member with a disability of any age find it difficult to integrate into church and/or community events on a regular basis.
    • Divorce rates are typically higher for families that care for children or adults with disabilities due to the added demands on the family.
    • In many situations the demands on the family are such that siblings must participate with their parents in daily care.
    • Without intervention, these families risk physical and spiritual isolation, living their lives disconnected from their local church, community, and God.

    IMG 5911crcoverwbs edited2

                                           At SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK Every Life is Special!®

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  • Core Values

    SPECIAL LIFE® Core Value Statement

    Core values create a culture which drives an organization's behavior. The core values of the SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK are:

    • Respect
    • Compassioin
    • Integration
    • Spiritual Growth

    Our SPECIAL LIFE® Core Value Statement:

    To put Christian principles into action by embracing Special Needs families with respect, compassion, and spiritual growth through the love of Christ, and to help better integrate these families into the church and/or broader community.

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