Vision and Mission

sln heart stamp  SPECIAL LIFE® Vision and Mission

At SPECIAL LIFE NETWORK, we seek to enrich the life of individuals with disabilities and the families that support them by improving the integration with their local church and broader community. 


  • Create a global network of SPECIAL LIFE® communities that are rich in awareness, integration and spiritual growth for children, teens and adults with special needs, and for the families that support them ... Special Needs Families


  • Create, within local communities, a resource network of churches, businesses and other community organizations that provide support, encouragement, education, spiritual growth and meaningful integration opportunities for children and adults with special needs and their families.


  • We enable churches and other organizations to better integrate children, teens and adults with disabilities and their families into the church and broader community.
  • We focus on the entire family, including parents, siblings and other caretakers.
  • We network community resources to build communities that are rich in both awareness and meaningful integration of children, teens and adults with special needs.