Sensory Friendly Series

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 The Discovery Sensory Friendly Series is designed to create a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals on the autism spectrum or other sensory sensitivities and their families. Accomodations are made to allow for a more relaxed and inclusive experience. House rules are relaxed!

Seating is limited. You must make a booking request by following the links below.

Call in advance to make sure these performances are not cancelled due to existing pademic


Upcomming Peformances Canelled

Due to the Coronavirus the upcoming Discovery Friendly performances for this season have been cancelled.

The Discovery Friendly Series will be suspended until further notice.


 House rule are relaxed and include accommodations such as:

  • The theater will not be filled to capacity, providing extra space.
  • Patrons will be allowed to get up, move around and leave at any time
  • I-pads and other electronics for therapeutic use are allowed
  • House lights will remain on at a low level during the performance
  • Sudden loud sounds or startling moments will be signaled in advance
  • Quiet and activity areas are provided in the lobby
  • Lobby monitors to allow patrons to continue watching the performance
  • Trained volunteers on hand to assist with patron needs and requests
  • Social Story and other support materials provided online as preparation for a visit to the dealer
  • Learn More: Discovery Sensory Friendly Series

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