SPECIAL LIFE ® Family Sail, held June 20th, was a beautiful day to be out sailing! Families enjoyed the opportunity to spend a special day doing an activity together as a family! We would like to thank our Special Life Network partner, the Sailing Angels Foundation, for providing this opportunity.


Special Life Family with Captain Dave McCabe (right), founder of the Sailing Angels Foundation


The Adventure

Sailing Angels conducts sails throughout the year for special needs individuals with their families. The individual with special needs must be accompanied by his/her parent(s) or caregiver. Basically, the first half hour is a 'getting to know you' time during which discussions about the boat as well as safety items are addressed. After leaving the dock, the individual with special needs and/or siblings get to help steer the boat while motoring out to open water.


Ryan helps drive the boat out to sea


A Family Affair

The entire family gets a chance to participate during the sail. The Captain teaches sailing skills such as knot-tying, navigation and piloting of the sailboat at a level that is appropriate.


Kyle helps to move the sail


Part of the Crew

Once the sails are raised by the "additional crew" and Captain working together, each family member gets a turn to steer the boat while under sail power. Whoever is at the helm steering the boat is told that he/she is the Captain (i.e. "the boss"), and therefore gets to wear the Captain's hat.


Tyler enjoyed his turn being the "Captain!"

At the conclusion, all participants are awarded a certificate as well as a large medallion on a ribbon which can be draped around his/her neck, similar to an Olympic medal.


About Sailing Angels


The Sailing Angels Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, based in the Greater Houston area. We introduce sailing to children with developmental disabilities in the form of recreational therapy and education. Teaching sailing to our special needs children has proven to be an exhilarating experience, yet calming, tranquil and highly rewarding...for the children, siblings their parent(s)/caregiver(s) as well as those of us who serve them.

To learn more about the Sailing Angels Foundation, please visit www.SailingAngels.org