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Friday October 18, 2019
10am to Noon
Ellington Field, Texas
Special Life Network has secured a limited block of tickets for the SPECIAL NEEDS SHOW only on Friday Oct 18.
This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED registration for tickets for those interested in attending the SPECIAL SHOW.
We will use the waiting list to distribute tickets first come first served until they are exausted.
Tickets go fast, so register now! Once we receive our block of tickets for the show, you will be advised if you cleared the waiting list.
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The information below is from the Wings over Houston website

Wings Over Houston Special Show

Wings Over Houston Overview

The Wings Over Houston Special Show for the physically and mentally challenged will be the Friday before Airshow weekend. This show is for those persons who, because of a lifetime physical or mental condition, would have difficulty attending the Saturday and Sunday shows. When requesting tickets, please use realistic numbers and limit your request to your challenged individuals, their immediate providers or chaperones, and transportation drivers. The tickets are valid for the Friday show only.

The Special Show is a smaller 2-hour version of the Airshow with the performers volunteering their time and their aircraft. The performers who appear will be exciting and enjoyable, but to avoid disappointment the day of the show, please note that the military demonstrations do not perform at the Special Show.

Guests sit in a designated open area with a large tent available for those needing to sit in the shade. Some of the pilots and sky divers typically mingle with the crowd so feel free to take pictures and ask for autographs.


Ellington Airport is a secured area, therefore every guest, chaperone, and driver must have a show email invitation and security identification sticker, and all vehicles are required to have a “Wings Over Houston” vehicle pass visibly posted. You must provide your own transportation. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON YOUR VEHICLE PASS. Entrance is off of Highway 3 through the South entrance to Ellington Airport on Brantly Street. If you come in the main entrance across from FM 1959, you may not be able to locate our gate.

All vehicles will be parked inside the gate on the Airfield if space allows. Due to ongoing construction at Ellington Airport, we will have only one gate to use as both an entrance and exit. Therefore, there is no ability for vehicles to go in and out. Please notify drivers/others that vehicles will need to stay on the airport property inside the gate until departure begins at or near the end of the show.

Special Show hours are approximately 10 a.m. to Noon. Gates open at 9 a.m. Often vehicles begin lining up before 9, but PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO 9 a.m. OR LATER THAN 11 a.m. No one will be admitted before 9 a.m. or later than 11 a.m.

Other Information

Wings Over Houston Special Show

  • During the Special Show, water will be provided; however, no other drink or food is provided or available (no vendors are in operation). Some groups bring drinks and snacks for their members, but please do not bring elaborate food, lunches, etc. due to the length of the show, the size of the crowd and other logistics.
  • All guests and their vehicles will need to depart the airfield immediately after the Special Show. If you are planning to eat lunch with your group, you will need to find another location off the Airfield.
  • Oversized portable toilets will be available for those requiring additional access for caregivers or wheelchairs. There will also be a small privacy tent for changing, administering medication or other private needs of our guests.
  • Note that some acts may include explosives to simulate bombs or air-to-air combat, so please bring ear protection if needed. Depending on the weather and winds, the simulated bombing may cause smoke in the area. You may also want to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. If sensitive to smoke please be prepared to have needed items on hand. Typical winds are north to south, but occasionally the wind and smoke blows into the crowd with an east wind.
  • If you have any truly unusual specials needs or requests (keeping in mind that all our guests have special needs), or have other questions, please contact the airshow office at 281-579-1942
  • There is no smoking on the Airfield – it is a City of Houston ordinance.